Board Games



The library now offers a collection of strategy board games that can be checked out! (As of April 15, the games or still being processed for circulation. They will be available soon!) 

These games check out for two weeks and carry a $1 per day late fee. Because of the number of pieces associated with each game, we will not loan games through the Interlibrary Loan service, however, checkouts are not limited to Dunlap patrons.

Patrons are responsible for the safe return of ALL game components or they may be charged the full replacement value of the game.

Many strategy games are unfamiliar to new players so we have included links to YouTube videos for instructional purposes only in order to get you playing, and having fun, faster! The library is not responsible for the content or accuracy of these videos.

7 Wonders: To learn how to play, you can watch a tutorial video here:


The Castles of Burgundy: To learn how to play, you can watch a series of play-through videos here:


Castle Panic: See it in action in this episode of Wil Wheaton’s TableTop!


Dixit: Watch it played on this episode of TableTop:


Forbidden Desert: See it played here:


Forbidden Island: Click here for a quick run-through:


Libertalia: Watch it played here:


Roll for it!


Small World: TableTop covered this one, too:


Splendor: Watch a run-through video here:


Ticket to Ride: Another TableTop episode covers this game:


Tsuro: HowToPlay covered this family-favorite: