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Kids’ Reader Advisory & More

Checkers Library TV!

Checkers and Snoozer celebrate the fun year of reading road trips they have while on a trip around Fuzzleland collecting New Year’s books!

Recommended books
  • Happy New Year Pooh – Kathleen Zoehfeld
  • Grumpy Monkey Get your Grumps Out – Suzanne Lang
  • Maisy’s Chinese New Year – Lucy Cousins
  • Chinese New Year – Fay Robinson
  • New Years Day – Dana Meachen Rau

New Year’s Polar Bear craft!

Checkers and Snoozer travel to Winter Woods to collect a tree so they can celebrate the Holiday season. Along the way, they learn about different cultures and their Holiday celebrations.

Recommended books
  • Is it Hanukkah Yet? Nancy Krulik
  • An Early American Christmas Tomie de Paola
  • The Legend of the Poinsettia Tomie de Paola
  • Celebrations Around the World – DK books
  • Christmas Around the World – Mary D Lankford

Gingerbread Craft!

Checkers and Snoozer collect a new board game and learn how to play. While on their journey, they learn about games all around the world.

Recommended books
  • Mr. Jack-In-The-Box by Jan Spear
  • Toys Come Home by Emily Jenkins Games: Learn to Play. Play to Win by Daniel King
  • Sidewalk Games Around the Worlds by Arlene Erlbach

Jack in the Box

Checkers and Snoozer travel to the Fuzzleland gym to exercise and play sports. Along the way they check out some energetic books!

Recommended books
  • You are a Lion and other Fun Yoga poses – Taeeun Yoo
  • Henry Gets in Shape – Robert Quackenbush
  • Yoga for Kids Simple Animal Poses for Any Age – Lorena V. Pajalunga
  • A Kid’s Guide to Fitness
  • The Busy Body Book – Lizzy Rockwell

Basketball craft

Thanksgiving- Checkers and Snoozer take time to discuss what they are thankful for, learn about Thanksgiving history, and read thanksgiving books.

Recommended Books
  • The Very First Thanksgiving Day – Rhonda Gowler Greene
  • Sharing the Bread An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Story – Pat Zietlow
  • Miller We Give Thanks – Cynthia Rylant

Non Fiction

  • Squanto’s Journey – Joseph Bruchac
  • 1621 A New Look at Thanksgiving – Catherine O’Neill Grace

Turkey Craft!

Going to the Dr.- Snoozer goes to go to the Doctor for a checkup with his doctor, Dr. Dan! Checkers will also be discussing books about going to the doctor.

Recommended Books
  • Going to Doctor Picture Book/Reader
  • Pete the Kitty Goes to the Doctor – Kimberly & James Dean
  • Here Comes Doctor Hippo – Jonathan London
  • Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor – Stan Berenstain


  • Community Helpers Nurses – Christina Leaf
  • The Human Body – Carron Brown and Rachel Saunders

Download nurse bear craft!

Snoozer becomes a superhero, complete with a new costume! Along the way, Checkers teaches Snoozer about Superhero history and the two visit the Strong National Museum of Play!

Recommended Books
  • Superheroes
  • Picture and Reader Book
  • I am a Super Girl! Kelly Greenawalt (Reader)
  • I Will Be Fierce by Bea Birdsong (picture book)
  • There’s a Superhero in Your Book – Tom Fletcher
  • DC SuperHero Girls – Shea Fontana
  • The Mighty Thor – Jason Aaron


  • The Moviemaking Magic of Marvel Studios Heroes & Villains – Eleni Roussos

Download the superhero xray craft!

Checkers and Snoozer learn about disabilities and how they affect humans and even animals!

Featured Books

Picture Books

  • We’re All Wonders – R J Palacio
  • Rescue & Jessica – Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes

Non Fiction

  • Just Ask Be Different, Be Brave, Be You – Sonia Sotomayor
  • All the Way to the Top How One Girl’s Fight for Americans with Disabilities Changed Everything – Annette Bay Pimentel

Down and print the dolphin activity!

It’s a Halloween special from Checkers and Snoozer!

Checkers and Snoozer explore the extraordinary world of music. They will learn music history and the secret behind how music affects our emotions.

Featured Craft


Featured Books Highlighted


  • Jazz baby – Lisa Wheeler
  • Miguel’s Music – Liz Rivera

Non Fiction

  • Ah, Music!- Aliki
  • Children’s Book of Music – DK Publishing
  • Trombone Shorty – Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews
  • Hey Charleston! – Anne Rockwell

Snoozer is going on a space mission! Checkers and Snoozer will be reading some of the coolest space books and learning more about astronauts, the moon, and other planets in our solar system!

Featured Craft: Rocket Ship

Print this template and make your own rocket!

Recommended Books

Picture Books

  • Alistair in Outer Space – Marilyn Sadler
  • Green Wilma Frog in Space – Tedd Arnold

Non Fiction

  • Space Visual Encyclopedia – Carole Stott

Featured Books:

  • Mission to the Moon! – Jordan Brown – Reader Book
  • Glow In The Dark Book Space – Nicholas Harris

In this episode, Checkers and Snoozer are visiting a real fire department! Along the way, they will be learning all about fire safety and reading fire safety books.

Recommended Books:

Picture Books

  • Stop drop and Roll – Margery Cuyler
  • No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for kids (and Dragons) – Jean Pendziwol


  • Fire Safety – Nancy Loewen

Featured Books:

  • Fire! Fire! – Gail Gibbons
  • Firefighter’s Handbook – Meghan McCarthy

It’s science time! Checkers and Snoozer are off to perform a science experiment! They will be reading science books and making crafts along the way!

Books recommended for this episode:
  • Libby Loves Science Mix and Measure – Kimberly Derting
  • Cece Loves Science Push and Pull – Kimberly Derting
  • Max & Mo’s Science Fair Surprise – Patricia Lakin


  • Mason Jar Science: 40 Slimy, Squishy, Super- Cool Experiments – Jonathan Adolf
  • DIY Science Outdoors – Suzanne Fossey

Kitchen Science for Kids

  • 26 Family Friendly Experiments for Fun Around the House – Liz Lee Hienecke

In this week’s episode, Checkers and Snoozer are on a mission to learn where fruits and vegetables come from, why they are important and how we can grow them right in our backyard!

Make & Take Banana

Fruits Crossword Puzzle

Checkers and Snoozer discover the amazing world of 3d printing. They will visit a real graphic design company and learn how to print Checkers a new watch

Make & Take Watch

Checkers and Snoozer travel to a museum to see a real dinosaur egg. Along the way, they talk about great dinosaur books and discover amazing things about Dinosaurs!

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All About Art

Fireworks Painting

How to Paint Like a Bird

Marbled Planet Art

Make a Treasure Map

Salt Dough Fossils

Summer STEM

Build a Bird’s Nest

Homemade Space Satellite

Tornado in a Bottle

Make your own Dinosaur Skeleton

Magic Milk Science Experiment  with Ms. Amy!

Water Fireworks Science Experiment!


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