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Maker Space

Sewing & Crafting



Our Brother Innovis 2800D is preloaded with dozens of useful and fun embroidery designs, including a collection of Disney designs. Additional embroidery designs can be loaded to the machine from our Embroidery Design Collection.

Embroidery will be available during monthly CACTUS programs and during specialty programs. Other use of the embroidery machine is limited to when a qualified staff member is available to assist.

If you would like to arrange for group instruction on using the embroidery machine, please let us know!

Fee: $5 plus $1 per 1000 stitches if using our thread and backing material. If using your own supplies, $1 per 1000 stitches. Fees are waived only during instructional programs unless otherwise stated.

The library is not responsible for any damage caused to your item by the embroidery machine regardless of who is operating the machine.


The library has two Brother Simplicity SB3129 sewing machines and one Brother 3034D Serger for use by the public. There is no fee for using these machines.

To use the library’s sewing equipment, please contact us to reserve a time slot. If you would like to arrange for group instruction, please let us know!


Makey Makey

Let your imagination run wild as you invent with Makey Makey!

The library owns ten Makey Makey kits, two of which are available for checkout.

Engineering and Modeling


Coming Soon!


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